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What is a natural medicine consultation?

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Natural medicine gives you a personalised approach to the health care that you need as it recognises that everyone is biologically unique and different.

It works to eliminate symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of a problem and does not offer the “quick fix” approach. It sees the body as a tightly connected unit where every part is affected by another and focuses on finding the underlying cause of health disturbance and manages that rather than merely respond to any symptoms. The comprehensive health assessment aims to address different factors of your whole health status and finding the cause of your symptoms.

Creating sustainable and achievable health goals for patients, by requiring them to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle adjustments to do this are the main quality of this type of healthcare. A partnership between practitioner and patient needs to be established in order to achieve the full benefits of the subsequent health plan.

Addressing nutrient deficiencies, inflammatory factors, imbalanced hormones and inappropriate dietary intakes is an important part of the treatment and it will help in achieving the proposed health goals. This is done by using dietary analysis, signs and symptoms, mineral testing, microscopic health analysis, pathology lab results, physical examinations (e.g.. blood pressure, weight, height, etc.).

Treatment includes dietary changes and/or nutritional and herbal supplements or tinctures.

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Please note: Due to COVID-19 situation consultations are online at this stage due to the fluctuating lockdowns which impair the operation of a physical in clinic location.



1. Initial Appointment (60 min)

• Fact finding consultation. Involves data collection face to face or online between patient and practitioner, and subsequent case researching by practitioner into specific areas. It focuses on discussing the findings of the questionnaires filled up prior to the consult.
• Additional tasks may be given to client by practitioner to gather further information, such as a diet diary.
• Further *pathology testing may be recommended, for which there may be an additional fee.
• Initial supplementation and recommendations may be prescribed, (Supplements additional fee).

2. Screening/Testing Appointment (30-45 min) included in your initial appointment (Not available at this stage)

• May involve microscopic health screening , BIA testing (bio impedance analysis),anthropometric tests, urine testing,*genetic testing (sample taken), and other relevant assessments according to the case.
• Results from all screening tools are gathered after the appointment, analysed and then finalized into reports.

3. Findings & Treatment Plan Appointment (35-45 min)

• Collation of all data collected (food analysis, pathology testing results) and discussed;
• Health goals discussed and explained so that patients can start working on achieving them together with dietary and lifestyle modifications and nutritional/herbal supplementation. (Supplements/Herbal Liquids or other by-products eg. creams incur an additional fee).

(Please note that if you cancel or do not show up to your booked appointment within 24 hours prior to your consultation you may be charged with a 50% cancellation fee).

***Additional pathology testing may incur an additional fee payable to the lab not the practitioner

Important to know:

In order to address all aspects of illness, during the course of the treatment plan I may recommend assessment and/or treatment by other health professionals where I feel it is necessary and better for your health care. It is optional but shows my commitment to addressing your whole health profile and allows you to access the specific treatment options that best suit your case to help in your healing journey.

Your treatment options and length of time required will vary depending on the nature of your illness and how long you have been unwell.

Any supplementation given (nutritional and/or herbal) is used concurrently with lifestyle and dietary modifications, while the goal is to educate and help you continue to make and maintain these changes that will support your health in the long term and restore your health.

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