Hello, my name is Cristina

and I am a qualified nutritionist having graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

I have started my journey in this field several years ago as I wanted to know how I could address my weight issues and what foods should or should not consume in order to achieve this. I have started with a course at my local adult learning centre run by a wonderful naturopath that inspired me to learn more about this topic. As a result I have enrolled after a few months in my degree course and since then I have been on a learning path. In the meantime I have made plans to become a mother as I was reaching my 30’s and this led me to be more interested in preconception, pregnancy and post natal care and found how diet and lifestyle choices play an important role for both mother and baby. My special interests focus around mother and baby health, weight management and sports nutrition.

As a nutritionist I strongly believe that food and lifestyle choices are important in preventing and managing illness and that natural medicine therapy has a big role in achieving this. It’s not just about the “5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit” a day or how many calories per day approach. Individualised nutrition & diet therapy is important in managing one’s health but also looks at the specific deficiencies in one’s diet that can impact on health and allow for imbalances to occur. Nutrigenomics is also set to be the future of nutrition and this is where genetic testing may be utilised to discover an individual’s predisposition to develop various conditions or weaknesses within one or more body systems.

Each individual is different and that’s why treating the body as a “whole” taking in consideration mind and body is imperative in a person’s healing journey.

I have founded Healthy Apple as a Nutritional Medicine Practice with this concept in mind. Apples symbolise health therefore at Healthy Apple helping the body to become healthy and return it to optimum condition is the main goal.

Living in health with food as medicine


Professional Development

Current: Enrolled in Bachelor of Health Science in Western Herbal Medicine (SSNT)


Ongoing post graduate education to meet the industry professional membership requirements and update knowledge by regularly attending industry seminars/workshops and training.

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